Preservation Clear UV 99™

Preservation Clear UV 99™ provides UV protection by blocking out 99% of harmful rays thus helping prevent the treasured keepsake from fading as well as yellowing of photographs, or paper becoming brittle. Choose conservation glass on your next framing project – offer 99% UV protection. Preservation Clear UV 99™ is your great choice for picture framing! UV damage is cumulative and irreversible to framed artwork. The sunlight rays will react with the surface of an artwork or photograph, and change its chemical composition as it breaks down the bonds in the paper, dyes and pigments. The result is brittle paper and faded colors. Protect what’s important!

Code Name Size Qty/box
 VIAG99PC2436  Preservation Clear UV 99™  24 x 36  8
 VIAG99PC3240  Preservation Clear UV 99™  32 x 40  6
 VIAG99PC3648  Preservation Clear UV 99™  36 x 48  4
 VIAG99PC4060  Preservation Clear UV 99™  40 x 60  2